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             Zhejiang Hong Hai Commodity Co; LTD Is a company which focuse on producing, selling.service for aluminum cookware and hotel utensil.

              Our company locates at Pan'an technology industry area,near the Zhu-Yong high speed,takes up 20,000 square meters .output value is more than 20 million usd. We introduce the best automatic production line and the most advanced manufacturing technologies,have more than 15 years experience.powerful sales and brand management,these make us become the‘weather vane" in our field.

              Our company have the scientific management system with a group of the best product development and manufacturing experts...


          Zhejiang Hong Hai Commodity Co; LTD

          Add: NO.188 Fenghuang Rd.,Lengshui Town, Pan'an County

          Tel: 0579-84736588 

          M.P.: +86-18405892375

          Fax: 0579-84736168

          E-mail: sales@hhcookware.com

          Site Search:

          浙公网安备 33072702100054号

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